English texts can be found from time to time added to the German texts describing the conceptual framework of each work.

The general conceptual framework of my artistic practise is focused on urban space as a phantom, a myth and a construction. The city, its architecture, its landscapes and its embedded social conditions generate sculptural material which I translate into various media such as photography, video, text, drawings, objects and installations. As a kind of an imaginary revision of the modern age, I consider my work as a form of contemporary archaeology, which assembles a trance-like landscape consisting
of items from various temporal levels thus rendering topographical and topological qualities of a place.

Short CV: Birgit Schlieps lives as an artist and lecturer in Berlin. Her artistic practise is focused on urban space as a phantom, a myth and a construction translated into various media such as photography and situative installations. She is teaching as a guest / assistant professor experimental design, art and architecture: UQAM Montréal Summerschool (2006-2014), UdK Berlin (2006-2007), TU Berlin (1999-2005). Exhibitions:Tribuna ospiti – Il quadro è mutato (Guest tribune The picture has changed), Zwinger Galerie, Stadt im Regal – Fluids. A Happening by Allan Kaprow 1967/ 2015, Nationalgalerie Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (2015), Wüstenstadt (Desert City), Zwinger Galerie, Berlin (2013). Stalking Utopia, ICA, Dunaújváros, Ungarn (2008), La vie moderne revisitée, Centre d'Art Passerelle, Brest (2008). Publications: Was ist draußen? / What is outside?), (nGbK 2016), Pyramides, (éditions P, Marseille 2012); Rohmodelle / Raw Models (Revolververlag, Frankfurt a. M. 2005). www.birgitschlieps.de