Aksu, Antalya


If there is a difference, it is only slight. In: Peter Spillmann, Michael Zinganel (Hg.): Backstage*Tours, Reisen in den touristischen Raum. Verlag Forum Stadtpark, Graz 2005 <<
Aksu. We are a construction company, which has built the largest number of hotels in Turkey, First I built the Ankara Hilton and the Ismali Hilton, then around twenty other hotels, six of them for the MNG Group. In this area, near Antalya and the airport there was nothing but forest and a small village. This is why I decided to do the hotel project there.

Topkapi Palace.
I took the Topkapi as a model for a hotel because, I like this kind of Ottoman architecture very much. The palace is a symbol for the Ottoman Empire. Topkapi is also very famous name and I was trying to make something people would talk about. When the hotel was finished- you really have to see it in person - it became an architectural gem, a beauty of the world.

Kremlin Palace
. In 1989, during the Soviet Times, I went to Moscow for the first time. Before I went to the hotel, I asked the driver to take me to the Kremlin Palace. When I arrived at the Red square it had a very large impact on me. At this time, I was constructing the Ankara Hilton. I liked the idea of being a hotelier and it came to my mind: The best idea is to do something like this because everybody in the Soviet Union and every foreigner who comes here wants to be in the Kremlin which was constructed for the “Politburo“. I decided do this as a hotel, so that all the Soviet people who wanted to be there could come to my hotel.

Everything what it is forbidden is delicious. Because it was forbidden, I made it, and it has become a real success because all the Russians, for example want to go there. But there are some restrictions. I rent out only 25 % of the hotel to the Russians. After this I tell them it is full. Then I rent out 10% to Belgium, 10 % to Holland, 10% to Austria, 10% to us, 10% to Germany. This ensures that there will always be a mixture of people and a good scenery. If there were only Germans or Russians, even though they have very beautiful girls, it would be uniform, boring, and routine. Being on holiday means buying something that you do not have in everyday life. I have seen a lot of places all over the world; it is more fun in my hotels than in other places Your eyes should look at beautiful things. My hotels are designed for normal people, who can afford to stay there.

White House.
The Soviet Union was a very large empire, and the Ottoman Empire was also a really large power like the United States. Everybody who has seen movies about the old days in America knows these old traditional villages. I will soon built one near the White House. I organized the whole structure looking from above. In fact the model is not very good yet. But with the computer I arranged very good scenery. I will also put a tower there, from where you will be able to see everything. You will have fun. You will also to be able to play golf if you want to. Old hotels have such things.

You are combining a lot of things!
As an imagery, it started when I was fourteen years old. I am a construction manager. I do hotels, office buildings, and all kinds of buildings, railroads. I want to enrich the life of human beings. Difference between the exterior and the interior. When you enter to the room then you find a room tailored to your comfort. When you enter the Kremlin Palace, it is also a simple room. Even if there is a difference, it is only slight.

What keeps the image functioning like scenery? For example pine-trees in front of the Kremlin Palace. Do they disturb the image?
You have to come and see, you will like it. Whatever kind of tree it is, it is clean, it is environment, it is beautiful, it is nature, and it creates positive energy. This is the idea.

Life carte postal.
I said to the president, I made a life carte postal of Moscow in Antalya, so this life carte postal is now visited by people from 23 to 27 different countries, about 70,000 different individuals per year. - I have often heard that they now want to see the real thing, and they are going to Moscow. This is also a very good, positive energy which we are giving to our neighbour Russia. They are our neighbours for centuries, so you have to be good with them. I am also planning to create, besides the three powers, something that belongs to the history of the world, the seven world wonders. One of them is in Egypt, one of them is in Turkey, one of them is in Greece, all together they will be there. The private holiday housings in this area, divided into different parts, will resemble them in one way or another.