Again we are presenting our book: Pyramides. Birgit Schlieps, Katharina Schmidt. Katalog, 25 x 17,6 cm, 64 Seiten, éditions P, Marseille 2012

The normative, artificial and utopian character of the french holiday resort La Grande Motte, built in the late sixties in a desert-like landscape is the subject for a dialogue between photography and drawing. In both media, the artists follow the movements and motives that they find in the city. These are extracted, compressed, repeated and juxtaposed. The arising frictions and intersections illuminate the specific nature of each other’s expression and different modes of representation.

Also I show a photograph in a handmade silver frame from Alexandra Erlhoff: Pyramides – Grande Pyramide, Éden, 2007/2011, Digital Photo Print, 9,6 x 12 cm, 26 x 32 cm framed, Edition 10+2

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