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Gegenden 1 Mamaia / Rumänien, September 2002
I remember that there was a bit of a scandal in the Romanian media when at the beginning of this year the minister of tourism (the same guy who had the idea to build the Dracula park next to some historic and natural monuments in Sighisoara) imported these palmtrees at a very expensive price. His idea was to give to Mamaia a more "exotic" look.
The problem is that, here in Romania, most of the people want their country to be perceived by foreigners as normal and European as possible and not as »exotic«. That's why many people and journalists criticized the situation. They said that instead of pushing the country to Europe, the political leaders are pushing it towards Africa or South America. Interview, 2002

Gegenden 2 Mamaia / Rumänien, September 2002
The Balkans' future and the business climate in Central and Southeastern Europe were discussed at the second day of the Central European Summit conference in Mamaia, Romania., 2004-05-28