Made in China


11 Buchstaben-Planen, 7,30 x 1,50 m


Wikipedia 24.04.14: City Palace Berlin. (…) Meanwhile, off-site stonemasonry has commenced. Even after accepting that the external reconstruction of all but the eastern facade is to follow the historic original as closely as possible, it is still uncertain how the large amount of masonry can be provided with the limited available funds. There seems to be a strong traditional opposition to casting the figures. The traditional German way of "archaeological reconstruction" by local stonemasons seems impossible both regarding costs and time. A proposal has been made of contracting this work to the effectively mechanised stone carving enterprises in Xiamen, China.

Installation, Performance
Sonntag, 28. September 2014, 16 Uhr

Made in China_Schloßplatz, südöstliche Schloßecke, gegenüber dem Staatsratsgebäude, Berlin 2014